Know About The Different Types of Dental Practices


Dental practices in urban and suburban areas can be classified into several types. Dental practices are broadly classified based on ownership. The private, corporate and public health dental practices are the broader classification of dental practices based on their ownership. Dentist practices can also be classified based on their specialization and the type of dental treatments they offer. Various types of dental treatments are offered at orchard park in stoney creek. You can find Full List Here on the categorization of various dental practices

Private Dental Practice
This type of dental practice is owned by the dentist. A private dental practice is established in his/her own dental clinic or hospital without the intervention or support from others. Thus the treatment and other related decisions are solely taken by the dentist. The dentist is aware of the oral health of the patients. They also consider your financial situation when offering dental treatments.

Corporate Dental Practice
These are the dental practices that are owned by corporate organizations. Here the dentists are hired by the corporations or organizations and they work for it. They offer the same standard of dental treatments that of private dental practice. It is obvious that the buying power of corporate dental practice is high compared to privately owned dental clinics. Thus they possess the latest dental equipment for dental treatments.

Public Dental Practice
Public dental practices are nothing but dentists working for the government. This type of dental practice is mostly carried out in public hospitals and health centers owned by the government.

Types of Dental Specializations
The following are the classification of dentistry based on the specialization of the dentists.

Endodontist: They are generally called as root canal specialist. Endodontist mostly deals with infected gums and tooth pulp. They are teeth saviors as they prevent from losing your infected teeth. Only an endodontist can perform the root canal procedure as it is sensitive and highly critical.

Orthodontist: Orthodontists are dental specialists who deal with the alignment issues of your teeth and jaws. People who suffer from crossbite, overbite or jaw-related problems must refer an Orthodontist. They make use of various accessories to correct the alignment issues. Braces, clips, headgears are some of the specific types of accessories for correcting the teeth positions. Children and even adults consult an orthodontist regularly.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: This type of dental specialty mainly deals with the tissues in the mouth, jaw, and face. People who suffer from an injury in the face due to accidents get treated with the help of maxillofacial surgeons. Maxillofacial surgeries are highly complex and require a higher dose of sedation.

Pediatric Dentist: This type of dental specialization mainly deal with dental problems for children. They take care of the overall oral health of infants, toddlers, and teens. They assure the dental health of kids in the long run. Pediatric dentists are highly specialized in offering dental treatment of kids

Periodontist: This type of dental specialty is related to the replacement or restoration of teeth. People may lose teeth due to several reasons. A periodontist makes use of crowns, implants, bridges, etc to replace or restore the lost or damaged teeth.

The above gives a clear overview of the various types of dental practices.

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